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Henrry is now 24 years old and a university student majoring in law. Henrry loves to teach and has a certificate to teach high school. He also loves to dance and teach others how to express themselves through dancing. His dance team has won several awards and has participated in many cultural events throughout the country. Henrry has chosen not to be kept down by the burdens of his rough past. He loves God and loves the opportunities he has to study and express his unique personality that we all love.


Antonio lived with us for almost 4 years before his unexpected passing on September 16, 2018. He was a street kid who fought back against poverty and addiction and became a great young man. Through his time living with us, Antonio completed school to become a barber and he was about to finish his 3-year program to complete his education up to the sixth grade. Antonio loved to hang out with the younger boys, work with the summer groups, and cheer on his beloved Olympia soccer team. Antonio was loved by so many and the world is less bright without him.



Saul, along with his older brother Carlos, has been with us the longest. Saul is now 21 years old and it seems like just yesterday we were playing with WWE action figures. Saul has future intentions of becoming a dentist, but now he is working at a Call Center and we are so proud! He loves to play soccer with the other boys. Saul has become a responsible, hardworking, and kind young man!


Yovani, 22, is a tender-hearted young man and has learned over the years how to care for his younger brothers, making sure that they have everything they need. He is a very intelligent and graduated Valedictorian of his high school class. Yovani is currently studying at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri! He is majoring in business and is on the pre-law track to one day become a business lawyer. We are so proud of Yovani and all of his accomplishments. It is awesome to see the changes in Yovani. He is becoming an amazing young man.



Marvin is the most hardworking young man you could ever meet. Now 20 years old, Marvin has a special gift and raw ability to serve with his hands. He translates this work ethic seamlessly into the classroom, for he graduated as Valedictorian of his class! His compassion for others shines. Marvin loves to play soccer and enjoys virtually all outdoor activities. His extensive knowledge of plants and wildlife is amazing. Marvin is currently studying at Zamorano University. We are so excited to see what the future brings Marvin.



Mario, 18, is a very smart kid and loves to be challenged intellectually. Mario is constantly trying to improve himself and better his family. In addition to being such a smart kid, he is also the most affectionate kid you’ll come across. Mario loves music, movies, and TV shows as much as any other teenager. A commonly played game during any car ride is “name that song.” He can name the song, artist, and year it was released before you can even try to guess. We joke that he is the human “Shazam.” Mario’s obsession with Minecraft started his love to design and build. He plans to study architecture after he graduates in November.



Francisco is very active and energetic and always gives his best effort with everything he does. Even as a 16-year-old, he is always looking forward to his next assignment or project in school and he loves to help out around the house. Francisco shows passion in everything he does, from schoolwork to soccer, to video games. He is a fantastic friend. His teachers are constantly letting us know how much of an asset he is inside and outside of the classroom.



Jairo loves playing with his older and younger brothers. It seems like he is always playing. He is growing up so fast! Jairo is now 14 and he is still sweet as ever. He is a good student and his teacher is always praising his efforts. Jairo is a very bright boy and is always anxious to learn new subjects and begin projects around the house. One of Jairo’s most endearing qualities is how curious he is. He is always trying to see what his older brothers are working on and he does whatever he can to help!



Miguel is the sweetest and most polite 10-year-old you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. This kid is incredibly helpful and hilarious! Miguel, like any other kid, loves to play. Whether it be wrestling on the trampoline or playing video games, this boy is always moving!



Angel is the youngest of the seven brothers! Angel, age 9, has a desire to learn and is like a sponge! He picks up on any task, whether it be in school or at home very quickly. His teachers love him and are always telling us how great he is. Angel is as goofy and playful as the rest of his brothers. We love having the opportunity to watch him grow!


Carlos, Kimmy, and Noah

Carlos, his wife Kimmy, and their 5-year-old Noah are a huge part of our family. Carlos is Saul's older brother. Living with David since 2008, we have seen Carlos grow from a teenager to a man. He helps with all day-to-day operations around the house and transports the boys to school and soccer practice. We are so thankful to have Carlos and Kimmy in our lives.



David is originally from Melbourne, FL, but is celebrating his 12th year living in Honduras. A part from raising 10 boys, David volunteers with Torch Missions and Breaking Chains. In the craziness of summer, about 7-12 mission teams come to Honduras. David loves volunteering with the groups. From big stuff, like building houses, to smaller tasks like the behind the scenes work, he is always busy.

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