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Sponsor a boy monthly

We currently have ten boys living with us. Our annual budget to house, feed, educate and provide a better future for our boys is $72,000 a year. Broken down thats $600 per month per child . However, we offer sponsorships ranging from $25 - $600. Once you become a sponsor you will receive personalized updates on your chosen boy!

Sponsor our lunch program for the boys

Eight out of our ten boys are receiving a bilingual education and the school has been kind enough to offer a reduced lunch program for them in addition to their scholarships. Each month we spend $200 on lunches.

Sponsor a future soccer star
Our boys LOVE to get out and play soccer. All ten of them have dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. While they know their dream of being a professional soccer player most likely wont happen, its a great way for them to burn off that teenage energy and learn what it means to be part of team! The cost to play soccer averages out to about $50 a month. 
Sponsor a home
Throughout the year God allows to build homes for people in need. Its a great way for our boys to have an opportunity to give back to those in need. A house costs roughly $1,700 and is 16'x16' square with a tin roof and wooden floor.
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